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Reader Rants: Takes on Jose Aldo, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and touching gloves

Welcome to another edition of Reader Rants, where your opinions take center stage. Taken from the Cagewriter Facebook page, each rant comes from a Cagereader. If you want to join in, go to Cagewriter's Facebook page, like it, and comment on stories.

No opponent has yet been named for Jose Aldo's title bout in Calgary. One reader wants to see him try out lightweight instead.

I'd like to see him test the waters at 155, a la Anderson vs Irvin/Griffin. I think he would be the most likely candidate for a concurrent belt holder. (Jones at HW is ridiculous. He is an awesome, absolutely spectacular fighter, but his frame is not that of a HW.) -- John Wilcox

Friday night's "The Ultimate Fighter" quick ending also caused a reaction.

I don't like abusing the term "got caught" when referring to a fighter being stopped via KO or submission, but that's exactly what happened to Daron Cruikshank. I appreciate what James Vick pulled off, but I can't unequivocally say he's the better fighter. -- Brandon Artiles

But nothing inspired more comments than Sheila Gaff's knockout of Jennifer Maia. When Maia raised her hand to touch gloves, Gaff started swinging.

They touched gloves earlier. It should be discussed before the fight if they will touch gloves at 1st round. For all we know, she had her arm outstretched to size up distance. I doubt it, but we have no clue what was going through her head. Maybe they decided to touch gloves at the beginning of the round and the other girl screwed her over, who knows? -- Will Howard

She was totally in the right throwing that punch. The referee says 2 things at the start of the fight "obey my commands at all times" and "protect yourselves at all times". Touching gloves should be outlawed once the fight begins, it causes too many of these issues (Wes Sims v Frank Mir 1). It also puts the fighters at a disadvantage. If they touch gloves they give up their range, if they don't it's perceived as poor sportsmanship when all they're doing is following referee instructions. -- Ellis Lett Garnette

The bell rang, it was on. Yes, touching gloves is a classy thing to do but it is a tactical decision that came back to bite her. That said, it was a cheap shot. -- Nick Sicinski


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