Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Alert for Android MMATorch Users: Please read as you may need to get new version of MMATorch

If you are using an Android Device, and if you are using our "classic" original version of MMATorch, we need you to migrate to our newer version as the "classic" version will be discontinued soon. Please click on the link below to download our latest version.

If you phone tells you you've already downloaded this version, then you already have it and are using it. If it gives you the option to download it, you are likely using the older version that will soon stop being supported and updated.

This newer version of MMATorch is faster, more stable, and features a better layout than the original version.

If you have a "very old" Android phone running an early version of Android, please update your Android OS so the new version of MMATorch works. Our data shows fewer than 2 percent of you are running an old version of Android, so for most of you this upgraded version of MMATorch will work immediately and you'll fine it a better overall experience due to the upgrades and updates compared to the classic version you may be using.

(HINT: If the headline of this article at the top of the page that says "Alert for Android..." is white letters on a black background, you are running the new version of MMATorch and don't need to migrate. If the headline is black letters over white background, you have the older version and you need to update.)

Also, if you are using the latest version of MMATorch, we have updating the app to eliminate the need to choose a category from the menu at launch. Please manually update the app if you don't have this app set to update automatically.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Thanks for your support of MMATorch!


Chris Brennan Marcelo Brito  Rob Broughton  Mike Brown  Junie Browning

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