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Kizer Says Licensing Sonnen Shouldn't Be An Issue

By <a href="">Chris Howie</a> <Br>
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer<Br><Br>

Considering the issues the UFC has faced in the last two weeks with licensing issues (IE: Alistair Overeem), some may be weary of this summer's UFC Middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen running into issues with Sonnen fighting in Las Vegas.<Br><Br>

Fear not though, as NSAC executive director Keith Kizer has spoken on the matter and it appears Sonnen shouldn't have an issue getting his license in June:<Br><Br>

Kizer today told <a href=></a> that he sees no issues with granting the fighter a license to fight at UFC 148, though he will ultimately defer to NSAC Chairman Raymond "Skip" Avansino.<Br><Br>

"He's done his time," Kizer said. "He's come clean on his prior dishonesty, and that's all appreciated."<Br><Br>

"Last time, I would not issue an administrative license, so that forced him if he wanted to to go to a hearing," he said. "He chose not to do that – probably the wise move.<Br><Br>

"This time, I don't see a problem giving it to him administratively, but that would be the chairman's call. If he says, 'Keith, you're free to do so,' I will do so. If he says, 'Keith, I want him on a commission meeting,' he'll be on a commission meeting."<Br><Br>

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