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Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and the UFC: Can this relationship be saved?

Lately, Quinton Jackson has been complaining about how he doesn't want to be in the UFC any more, and it appears the feeling is mutual from the UFC. They have become the couple that everyone knows should break up. Inexplicably, they stay together and annoy everyone around them. It's time to break this down, women's magazine style.

Cagewriter asks, can this relationship be saved?

Jackson says:

"After I leave the UFC, I'm done with them! ... The UFC's just throwing me all these boring fighters, these game planners, these wrestlers. I'm the type of fighter who you should match up with people who want to fight excitingly. You know what I'm saying? Cuz I'm gonna be the type of fighter who puts butts in seats."

UFC president Dana White says:

"I'll have a conversation with 'Rampage' and think we're cool, and then I'll read other stuff," he said. "We've been good to everybody we've ever dealt with. We've never screwed anybody over, including 'Rampage.' And you want to talk about a guy that we went to bat for — we've gone to bat for him many times. I feel like [expletive] (Derek) Jeter when it comes to 'Rampage.' If he's unhappy with us, doesn't like us and doesn't want to be with us anymore, then the feeling is mutual."

Cagewriter responds, NO. This relationship cannot be saved. Jackson is miserable and will not be quiet until he is free from the UFC, so UFC? Let him go. Give him a quick fight to finish out his contract, or just cut him. White says both sides don't want to work with each other any more. Why prolong the agony?

Not all (business) relationships are built to last. Tear this one down.


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