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ROUNDTABLE: Predictions for UFC on Fuel 3 main event between Dustin Poirier and "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung

Predict the outcome of Tuesday's UFC on Fuel 3 main event between Dustin Poirier and The Korean Zombie. Who wins and how? Also, should that winner get the next title shot after Erik Koch.


I think Poirier is going to win. I think he's going to make it look easy, and I think it's either going to be a choke or a convincing decision that even the Virginia Athletic Commission won't be able to screw up. After this fight, there's no questions that Poirier should be next for Erik Koch (or Aldo, I suppose).


I'd love to go with the man who has one of the coolest nicknames in sports, The Korean Zombie, but I got to favor Poirier slightly in this fight. It should be a very good fight, and I think Poirier pulls off a submission victory. And yes, I would be good with the winner of this fight receiving the next title shot. It makes sense to me.


I really feel like we're going to see Poirier continue his streak and put the Zombie to sleep. Both of these guys are very talented individuals who can finish a fight in the blink of an eye, but in this matchup it's going to be the one who strikes first taking home a win. Jung is dangerous in ways his weight class isn't accustomed to, and Poirier is an absolute mastodon with the momentum he has on his side. I just dont see Jung making it to the final bell one way or the other so I'll say Poirier via TKO sometime after round three.


I think this is a great opportunity for both The Korean Zombie and Poirier. As the main event of any card (even on Fuel where many fans may not have the opportunity to see it) provides the chance to make a big splash in the division. I definitely see the winner getting a title shot after Koch no doubt. I see The Korean Zombie putting a nice striking display and taking out Poirier in the second round. TKO via strikes.


The Korean Zombie is in my mind one of the toughest fighters in his weight class. His kick boxing and BJJ make him a serious threat at 145. He is coming off wins against Leonard Garcia and Mark Hominick. Dustin Poirier is on a five fight win streak. He has not been against the same level of competition as the Zombie, but five in a row is impressive and four of those wins are in the UFC. Poirier's BJJ is really good, but he is not as strong on the feet as the Zombie. Even if Poirier can get this fight to the ground, the Zombie has a good enough ground game to win. I think the difference in this fight will be the Zombie's advantage with his striking. I believe that the he will win this fight by decision with his ability to keep the fight standing and out-strike Poirier. I think whoever wins this fight should get the next title shot after Erik Koch.


Dustin Poirier decisions The Korean Zombie. I'll have several fighters ranked above the winner of this bout who deserve a title shot first. At the top of that heap is Hatsu Hioki (assuming he defeats Ricardo Lamas).


With my limited expertise at predicting the outcome of main event fights, I was tempted to send in a response full of questions marks only. This is probably the most difficult fight to predict and my choice keeps changing by the hour. Poirier has improved considerably since he beat the heavily favored Josh Grispi at UFC 125. Although the level of his opponents on this winning streak haven't been truly challenging, he deserves recognition for what he's achieved thus far.

Chan Sung Jung has looked awesome in his last two fights, ending both in spectacular fashion, and he will present a phenomenal challenge for Poirier. Look both can win this fight by any method they want, and I'd be very surprised if it isn't Fight of the Night. My crystal ball says The Korean Zombie will win by TKO later in the fight, however my crystal ball has been wrong pretty much every time i've ever used it so don't put any money on that outcome!


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