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Roy Nelson’s Beard has plenty to say

Roy Nelson got a chance to speak at Thursday's UFC 146 press conference, but his beard remained silent. That is, until now. In a Cagewriter exclusive, Roy Nelson's Beard (RNB) spoke about its past, future, and what it brings to Nelson's game.

Cagewriter: How are you feeling today?

RNB: Good. Full. Ready to take on Dave Herman.

CW: How long have you been with Roy?

RNB: Well, I've been a part of his life for some time, but it was just in the past year or so that Roy really let me shine. He and I push each other to make each other great. It's truly a symbiotic relationship.

CW: What do you bring to his MMA game?

RNB: What DON'T I bring to his game? Striking, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, I taught him all of that. When he and his coaches come up with his game plan, they turn to me for advice. TKOing "Cro Cop"? That was all me.

CW: So then do you also take the blame for the fact he's lost three of his last four bouts?

RNB: Well, we're a team. We lose together, y'know? It's not just Roy out there. It's me, the belly, the mullet.

CW: Is there ever a rivalry between you?

RNB: Well, I'll let you in on a secret. The belly is TOTALLY jealous of me. He always used to get all the attention, but since Roy has been getting in better shape, he's lost prominence. Now it's all eyes on me.

CW: Has Roy talked to you about the future? Will he definitely keep you around or is there discussion of ... a razor?

RNB? Why would you ask such a thing? That's sick. Seriously. A razor? To what? Shave me off? You don't shave me off. You don't get rid of a glorious beard like this one. Are you crazy. I'm done. Interview's over.

CW: Well, thanks for your time.


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