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Alan Belcher survived a Rousimar Palhares leg lock and wants to help you do the same

Alan Belcher recently survived one of Rousimar Palhares' leg locks and went on to win by TKO at UFC on Fox 3. To give you an idea how rare that is, half of Palhares' 14 wins have come via a leg submission. Generally, when "Toquinho" gets a hold of a leg, the only way to get out is by tapping.

But Belcher solved his the Palhares puzzle and wants to help you (yes, you!) do it, too. After being approached by several people for tips, the jiu-jitsu black belt is going to teach how he gameplanned for Palhares, and how he executed it while in the fight.

On Thurs., May 24, at 8:30 E.T., Belcher will hold a free webinar complete with drills, defenses, and conditioning moves. If you want to learn from Belcher, sign up here. Seminars with fighters of Belcher's caliber will often cost you hundreds, so anyone training should take part.

Athletes will often guard their game plans like nuclear missile launch codes. It says a ton about both Belcher's character and his confidence in his game that he'll share his secrets to anyone who asks.

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