Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

UFC switches to EA for video games

The UFC has teamed up with video game maker EA to distribute the next edition of the UFC's fight-based video game. The news was announced E3, a convention for the gaming industry, on Monday.

"We've hooked up with the biggest video game company on the planet. We can now distribute this game to the 175 countries, 22 different languages, and over half-a-billion homes worldwide that we're in," White said. "This is a huge day for the UFC, a big day for the fighters, and more importantly, for you, the fans."

There had been animosity between the two groups in the past. EA put out their MMA video game not long after the UFC's THQ-powered game, a move White was not happy about. EA used Strikeforce and Bellator fighters, and White threatened to keep fighters signed with EA out of the UFC. White went so far as to say, "EA sucks" in a 2010 interview because of their initial rebuke of MMA.

Previously, the UFC worked with THQ on their video game, but the rights were transferred to EA for an undisclosed sum. THQ has already been through drastic staff reductions and more are likely in the future because of losing this game.

Now, the UFC will be working with the company who made their name with sports-based video games. EA is the group behind the Madden NFL football, FIFA soccer, NCAA football, NHL and NBA Live games.


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